The 21st century world is reshaping with the globalization process. Along with changes in all international and currency markets, the world furniture sector is also drawing a new frame. The sector is constantly improving due to the opening of new markets and rising income levels of developing countries being reflected in consumption. With urbanization, population growth and rising standards of living, there is a serious increase in demand for furniture in Turkey as well. Understanding the necessities of the era and shaping its development with a new understanding in this frame, our sector shows that Turkey can compete with the whole world, at every opportunity.

Main target: To create the well-known and demanded reputable Turkish Furniture Style!

Within the scope of our 2023 vision, we believe that Turkey will be one of the first 5 furniture countries with a manufacturing volume of 25 billion dollars and export volume of 10 billion dollars. In order to reach these targets, our export markets need to be directed to the European and North American Countries from the Middle East, Gulf States and Central Asian regions. Starting from the research we have done, apart from the close regions where we have implemented 1/3 of our exports in the coming periods, we aim at “Turkish Furnishing Style” and its products to be requested in many countries of the world especially in Europe and to be in the top 10 exporting country in 5 years. Turkish furniture sector which has became an exporter sector that has foreign trade surplus, with its production and design quality and its attempts, Turkey was ranked 12th as world furniture exporter in 2015.

Turkey's main export markets are Iraq, Libya, Germany, Azerbaijan, France, Saudi Arabia Turkmenistan And England. Turkish furniture will certainly win recognition all around the world especially in Europe.

Association of Turkish Furniture Manufacturers (MOSDER): The Sound of the Sector

The Association of Turkish Furniture Manufacturers (MOSDER) was founded by Turkey’s largest furniture brands. MOSDER which was founded in order to develop the Turkish furniture brands and products and to make them globalized, acts in an attempt to direct furniture retailers and consumers to branded furniture style by raising the awareness of them. At abroad, it aims to create a vision of ‘Turkish Furniture’ with the quality that conforms to world standards, different and original designs and at the same time competitive prices.

MOSDER, which holds 50 leading brands of the Turkish furniture sector, aims to cooperate with furniture producers, sub-industrialists, importers and retailers to develop furniture industry and become a stronger sector. At the same time, it declares sectoral needs and solutions to the public with leading associations to ensure that healthy decisions are taken and implemented.

MOSDER prepares reports for furniture industry of Turkey by following developments and new standards about furniture in the world, designs contests and organizations are planning to bring new talents to Turkish furniture sector, supports its members in exports, helps in sector research and development.

MOSDER believes that the Turkish furniture sector shall get a significant place in the world with its machine park, grown manpower, capital, product quality and competitive prices and production capacity, also supports the furniture sector with its different activities.

Having 50 members consisting of the leading furniture brands of Turkey, MOSDER represents 75% of the Turkish furniture sector. As MOSDER, we have succesfully organised the Istanbul Furniture Fair since 2005. From 2017 onwards, again with the leadership of MOSDER, we will organize the Istanbul Furniture Fair with its new name “FURNITURE ISTANBUL” between 7-12 November 2017 at CNR Expo Yeşilköy Istanbul. We believe that Furniture Istanbul will become a big platform where the biggest manufacturers and exporters meet globally. Categories of the fair include Home & Accesories; Baby, Kids and Teens; Sleep; Luxury; Office & Garden.

Believing that the Turkish furniture industry will be able to take a long-term place in the international arena with original designs, MOSDER has been organizing the National Household Furniture Design Contest since 2005 in cooperation with the universities; bringing young designers, who will shape the future of the Turkish furniture sector, Turkish furniture brands and individuals and organizations that guide the Turkish furniture sector together. MOSDER is organising the 13th National Household Furniture Design Contest in between May-December 2017.

‘MOSDER Design Meetings’ , held by the Association of Turkish Furniture Manufacturers (MOSDER) since 2011 within the project of Discover Turkish Furniture, provides the creation of Turkish furniture identity with the participation of world famous designers and industry’s leading industrialists. MOSDER member firms participating in the training activities are trained on the methods of creating, developing and enriching their original designs. MOSDER carried out the fourth of the MOSDER Design Meetings in The Grand Tarabya Hotel - Istanbul on November 17-18, 2016. Within the scope of our activity, we hosted the world famous Italian designer and architect Federico Delrosso. Significance of design, branding and design’s impact on branding were discussed in the meeting.

MOSDER, which represents approximately 75% of Turkish furniture sector with 50 leading brands of the sector, is co-founder of European Furniture Industries Confederation and a member of Council of Asia Pacific Furniture Association (CAFA).

MOSDER informs its members by distinguishing the export figures according to product groups and countries and identifying potential countries. And MOSDER attaches importance to the research and tracks data such as furniture production in the country, domestic market transaction volume, idle capacity, and employment, distribution according to the regions, and distinction according to the product groups continuously. MOSDER proceeds to analyze furniture user and publish the results of the “MOSDER the Research of User Behavior and Branding, Image, Positioning” which is organized in every two years with the approach of sustainability. With this study, it is aimed to determine furniture consumers’profile, brand awareness, opinions about brands, image characteristics, attitude, behavior and purchasing habits.