“336 new ideas from Turkish designers”

34 awards were given in the 5th National Household Furniture Design Contest where 49 designs for increasing the life quality of the handicapped people and 336 designs in total. Among the awarded designs, there were innovative approaches such as; teenager room that integrates furniture with sports equipment for those who cannot find time to do exercise and living room, resembling with a Rubik’s cube that can recreate its appearance by the rotation of the boxes. Solutions were offered with projects such as; dinner table that contains its own sideboard for narrow surroundings, coat hanger that prevents loss of space and visual mess by being hung on ceiling while wheelchair that can be pulled off from the bed aimed at making the handicapped people’s life easier, wardrobe designs that can be used with less effort due to its automatic mechanisms attracted attention. Winners of the contest where 336 projects from 28 universities were evaluated earned opportunities such as; registration of their design rights, participation to international fairs, job and internship chances in 32 biggest corporations of the sector which are MOSDER members.